CIA, FBI, NSA Government Covert Surveillance and Conspiracy Theorist Novels

At present you can go onto the Internet and find connivance scholars all over the place, it is very astounding. You can track down connections to Alien Abductions and mystery “Men dressed in Black” sites, which make sense of how mankind is being controlled and you are straightaway! You can view as old “Cold War” embellishments of undercover mystery NSA activities and accounts of NAZI covert agents who joined the CIA. Assuming that you search you will find secret gatherings like the Illuminati, Skull and Bones and elevated degrees of the Masonic Right. Presently you should realize that many individuals who run these sites have altogether a lot of free time and some experience the ill effects of marginal Schizophrenia. Some even experience the ill effects of more awful unusual issues of the brain. However some of what you read perhaps genuine, it would be under 5% as the Intelligence Community frequently says. As of late I met such a Conspiracy Theorist at a coffeehouse and he just kept endlessly talking. Along these lines, I thought it was an intriguing Benefits are given  thought for a Movie Script, this is everything he said to me;

“I’m not a connivance scholar, despite the fact that, I in all actuality do accept that our CIA is working from outside the country in Canada and on Indian reservations presently keeping an eye on Americans who perhaps thick as thieves with susceptibles or far off nationals who could possibly be Al Queda. A portion of these external our country working for the insightful organizations may be endeavoring entanglement professing to be miscreants calling a resident they suspect is messy, so that is an issue. When the CIA reaches them from outside the nation claiming to be Al Queda, well now they have motivation to utilize reconnaissance on an individual and track them until they overstep some regulation.”

While hearing this, I thought to my self that his situation was conceivable to be sure, yet all at once exceptionally far-fetched. However his intrigue scholar mind had concocted what seems, by all accounts, to be an incredible idea for a computer game situation for the new Xbox 360, as it very well may be made around a story and appear very reality based they way he had depicted this. Which is to be sure an Orwellian kind situation and could fit well in a computer game, however maybe a film script or Sci Fi novel as well, you see? Assuming you are planning computer games, composing Sci Fi Novels or making film scripts you ought to pay attention to in any event a portion of these connivance scholars occasionally, simply don’t begin accepting them, you might get what they have? Think on this in 2006.

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